Paul J. Bennet Acquitted on Eight Counts of Homicide by Vessel

Nov. 15, 2013 – Paul J. Bennett, who had been on trial since Nov. 4 in

Gainesville for his alleged role in a 2012 boating wreck

that killed two Buford boys, was acquitted Thursday

evening on eight counts of homicide by vessel in Hall

County Superior Court.

In the June 18, 2012, incident, Bennett’s fishing boat

collided with a pontoon carrying 13 people — four adults

and nine children. 9 year old Jake Prince and 13 year old

Griffin Prince were killed on impact.

The Times reported that Judge Kathlene Gosselin

sentenced Bennett to serve 2« years’ incarceration and 1«

years of probation on the four misdemeanor charges of

reckless boating for speeding, reckless boating for missing

a green light, BUI under the legal limit and failure to

render aid.

Judge Gosselin said, “The jury did find you not guilty of

the counts of homicide by vessel, and so you escaped

those charges and the possibility of 15 years in jail on

each of those.

Gosselin said she would not sentence the maximum

incarceration period in order to allow for some probation.

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